The 5 Best IPTV players for Mi Box

What are the best IPTV players for Mi Box?| In 2022

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If you already own a Mi Box device and are looking for an IPTV player that works for it, read this guide to some of the best IPTV players for Mi Box 4K devices, as well as related IPTV installation tutorials.

Best IPTV players for Mi Box

What is Mi Box?

The Mi Box is a streaming device, just like Firestick, Roku, and Apple TV. It’s an Android-based device with the Play Store, so you can install a variety of apps and enjoy live TV channels and on-demand video content over the Internet. The device offers a wider range of functionality through an easy-to-use layout. Through 4K streaming, the Mi Box has functions such as projection and screen mirroring.

Mi Box 4K features

  • Supports 4K video and HDR 10 video
  • Built-in Chromecast Ultra — streams 4K video from your phone to your TV
  • Install the app from Google Play
  • Connect a portable hard disk or USB Pen drive
  • DTS and Dolby Surround sound
  • Bluetooth gamepad support – compatible with Mi gamepad
  • Bluetooth enabled voice remote control
  • More than 1,000 Apps support Chromecast
  • Easy setup – Connect to TV, connect to WiFi and start streaming

The 5 Best IPTV players for Mi Box

Here is a list of the best 5 IPTV players for Mi Box devices, and then you can choose an IPTV service for your Mi Box device according to your preferences.


IPTV Smarters Pro


Perfect Player


How to install and use the IPTV player on Mi Box?

As we know, there are a number of IPTV service providers available in Mi Box’s Google Play store, but some are not available. In this case, you need to use a third-party source to side-load IPTV applications, so there are usually two ways to install an IPTV player on a Mi Box: GSE SMART IPTV can be installed on the Mi Box via the Google Play Store or on the side. Please read the following steps:

Method 1: Install through the Play store

Step 1: Turn on your device and make sure it’s connected to the network.

Step 2: Connect the Mi box to the TV through an HDMI port.

Step 3: Find the home screen and click the Play Store option.

Step 4: Click the search option and enter GSE SMART IPTV (or any other application you want to install) in the search bar

Step 5: Select the appropriate application and click install.

Step 6: Wait a few minutes for the GSE SMART IPTV to download to your Mi Box

Step 7: Tap open the app, log in with your IPTV subscription, and stream live TV channels

Method 2: Install the IPTV player on the side

Step 1: First, open your device and go to Settings

Step 2: Select security and limiting Settings, select and enable the Unknown Source option.

Step 3: Then return to the home screen and open the Play Store.

Step 4: In the search bar, search for Downloader applications.

Step 5: Click Download to install the application

Step 6: Open the Downloader application and enter the URL

GSE SMART IPTV install 1

Step 7: Then enter the GSE Smart IPTV APK URL (or whatever other URL you want to install)

Step 8: Click GO and wait for the download and installation

GSE SMART IPTV install 2

Step 9: Once the installation is complete, open the IPTV application and stream all video content.

GSE SMART IPTV install 3

How to watch IPTV on Mi Box?

Step 1: On your device, turn on the GSE Smart IPTV

GSE SMART IPTV install 4

Step 2: Click “Allow” all requests

GSE SMART IPTV install 5

Step 3: Next, click the Add M3U URL button.

Step 4: Add a playlist link for the remote M3U list, then click the Add button

GSE SMART IPTV install 6

Step 5: Wait for the content to load and select the channel you want to watch. You can add multiple lists online. This is the way to provide the best results.

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FAQs about Mi Box

What is the Mi box used for?

This is a device that runs on Android TV and can connect to your existing TV, provided it has an HDMI port. With this box, you can view all content from popular OTT platforms.

Will the Mi Box work on any TV?

Yes, the Mi Box 4K can connect to any TV or desktop monitor via HDMI and convert it to a screen running Android TV.

Will Mi Box 4K run on Android?

Yes. The Mi Box 4K runs on Android TV. You’ll be able to use almost all of Android TV’s features.


The Mi Box is one of the best streaming devices out there. This article introduces several of the best IPTV players running on the Mi Box, but if you want to stream all your favorite live TV channels, you’ll need to have a good IPTV provider that offers a wider range of features and a variety of other streaming services.

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