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The 2022 FIFA World Cup is the most watched competition for sports fans around the world. and the quadrennial tournament is the one that fans look forward to the most. Here you can check out the world’s strongest teams and strongest players. So what’s the best way for sports fans to watch the FIFA World Cup?

There may be many ways to watch the FIFA World Cup, but the IPTV subscription service is by far the most stable and excellent way.

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OTV IPTV has launched its latest IPTV discount in time for the FIFA World Cup.

This limited-time offer saves you 5% off and is available on all IPTV subscription plans! So hold on to your gift!

How to participate in the IPTV promotion of the World Cup

If you get an IPTV promo code, it will save you a lot of money, what are you waiting for, follow me, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to get and use a promo code.

Simple Steps:

Step1: Search for and type in links on your browser: ā€œhttps://www.otviptv.com/ā€œ

Step2: Click the ā€˜Subscriptionā€˜ button on the Home page

Step3: Go to the subscription page, select an IPTV subscription PLAN, and click “CHOOSE PLAN“.The final choice is “Buy NOW

Note: The OTV IPTV subscription page has a 1/6/12/24/Months package plan with different subscription prices for each package. You can get IPTV promotions of your choice.

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Step4: Enter the discount code “worldcup5” in the upper left of the shopping cart.

Step5: Then click on ā€˜Your orderā€˜ and the promo code automatically saves you a 5% discount

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When it comes to watching sporting events, especially the 2022 World Cup, everyone wants a smooth, uninterrupted streaming experience. OTV IPTV gives users quick and easy access to all 64 games.

Still on the fence? OTV IPTV offers you 1 day of free trial to check the quality of our service.

Get an IPTV Free Trial

IPTV Promotion date

With 5% off ANY service on World Cup

Date: Validity November 16-November 30

Coupon Codeworldcup5

Note: Our promotion is limited in time and saves you money, so take the opportunity to try it out, Enjoy Wonderful Live & Sports!

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