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Flix IPTV: Review, Subscription, Install guide [In 2024]

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7Days Trial

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  • USD10 for 7 days Trial

This guide will show you how to use and subscribe to Flix IPTV for the smooth delivery of IPTV content on your device. Now, let’s get ready to start. Read on and you’ll get something.


What is Flix IPTV?

Flix IPTV is a quality IPTV media player. Unlike other premium media players, it requires a one-time payment rather than a monthly or annual subscription. This IPTV supports streaming video quality up to 4K. It can be installed on Android, Firestick, Apple, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS, Windows, and more.

Flix IPTV features

Some features of the Flix IPTV Player include:

  • Multilingual users can choose from more than 17 languages.
  • The theme engine gives you a good range of topics.
  • External players such as MX Player and VLC Player have also been added.
  • Parental control allows you to control your child’s activities by activating the parental control password.
  • Subtitle customization is unique to IPTV players. It provides subtitles customization.
  • Other features include creating playlists, changing servers, hiding specific categories of live and on-demand content, and more.

How to install and subscribe to Flix IPTV on Windows?

Here’s how to install and use Flix on Windows, a simple installation tutorial guide.

How to select IPTV Subscription for Flix?

It’s a pure IPTV media player, which means it doesn’t contain any content types. Users must provide their own content via M3U urls or playlist files.

Suppose you don’t have a better option. In that case, I recommend you try the OTV IPTV subscription service, which has a robust and stable interference-free server that provides the best quality live TV and VOD, as well as compatibility with all devices. You can get a free trial of IPTV by chatting on WhatsApp.

OTV IPTV subscription

How to download and install Flix IPTV?

1-Start your PC and select a browser to open.

2-Enter BlueStacks in the search box to open the BlueStacks website.

3-Click Download to download BlueStacks on your PC.

install flix IPTV1

4-Double-click BlueStacks and select Install to install the emulator.

5-Open the BlueStacks application and enter your Google account credentials to log in.

6-Select Play Store to open the home page.

install flix 2

7-Click the search bar and enter Flix TV.

install flix 3

8-Select the Flix TV app and select Install to install the app.

9-The application will be installed on BlueStacks and open the application on your PC.

10-Select Settings and select user accounts.

11-Write down your Mac address and visit the Flix website from any other device.

12-Enter the Mac address and M3U URL. Click Send.

13-On your IPTV, you can now stream content from IPTV providers.

How to add Flix IPTV Subscription?

Now we show you how to configure your subscription on the Flix IPTV app using your M3U link.

1- After the application is installed, launch it to display its MAC address on its interface.

If you didn’t take down their MAC address, you could do so by going to the left menu, navigating to Settings, and in the next menu, scrolling down to User Account, and then you’ll get the MAC address of the device.

2 – go to the link: https://flixiptv.eu/mylist

3- Fill in the required information, MAC address, and your M3U link, then click Send.

4- The final step is to restart the application or refresh Settings > Change the list on the playlist. A window appears asking you to reload the list and click OK.

Why do I need A VPN to use Flix IPTV?

The Flix IPTV Player works with almost every IPTV service available. Most of the content you want to watch when streaming live or on-demand with Flix IPTV is either unlicensed or not available in your area.

VPNs help you by changing your original location so your ISP won’t know that you’re streaming any unlicensed content. Can enjoy it fast and buffered experience.

Flix IPTV alternative

If Flix IPTV doesn’t work on your device, then we have some alternatives you can try that are also the best IPTV players:

  1. IPTV Smarters Pro Player –IPTV Smarters Pro is a video streaming player designed for users who want to stream TV or video-on-demand content across a variety of devices.
  2. SS IPTV Player — THE SS IPTV application can be used to stream IPTV channels on LG, Samsung, Android devices, and Firestick, allowing users to access content provided by their IPTV carrier of choice.
  3. TiviMate Player –TiviMate is an IPTV player. The application was created by AR Mobile Dev to work with IPTV services that provide M3U or Xtream code servers.
  4. XCIPTV Player -XCIPTV is one of the best IPTV players, now renamed OTR Player, and many people pair XCIPTV with their favorite IPTV services for a better streaming experience.


Is Flix IPTV free?

For pricing, the Flix IPTV offers a free one-week trial. After that, you have to pay a one-time fee of 7.49 euros, or about $9, for each TV or device you use the app.

Is it safe to download Flix IPTV?

Yes. The application can be downloaded and installed 100% securely. We download links from secure sources and conduct frequent virus scans to protect you.

EPG on Flix?

Yes, you can stream your favorite content through EPG via an easy-to-access interface.

Flix IPTV or Smart IPTV?

These are two popular IPTV players. Can be used for IPTV streaming media service transmission, is compatible with a variety of media devices, and is the best choice.

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