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iMPlayer VS Tivimate | The Latest Review 2024

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So far, there are many IPTV players flooding the market, each with its own advantages, including iMPlayer vs Tivimate, which are by far the best IPTV players with IPTV services and live TV applications. It lets you watch IPTV applications with live, video-on-demand, and catch up using M3U URLS or Xtreme code API.

In this article, through the comparison and analysis of iMPlayer vs Tivimate, you will have a more intuitive understanding of all the relevant information about them.

iMPlayer VS Tivimate

First, we need to understand what an IPTV player is and how it works.

What is an IPTV player?

In short, the IPTV player lets you watch IPTV applications via live, video-on-demand, and M3U URL or Xtreme code API. It then automatically selects quality HD and standard HD, which you can change later. In addition, the player is free to subscribe and you can get a lifetime subscription for free. There’s multiple playlist support, multiple views, recording capabilities, locked channels, and recording capabilities, all in a free subscription.

How does the IPTV player work?

An IPTV player is any application or service that can play IPTV channels from your current IPTV subscription. Therefore, you buy an IPTV subscription from a provider and use an IPTV player to play channels. Most IPTV providers have their own applications or clients. You can install the application separately on supported devices.

Note: As mentioned above, if you use iMPlayer and Tivimate, you can watch live TV over the Web, provided you’ve created your own M3U or use a free IPTV account, or just purchased an M3U from a good IPTV subscription.

Comparative analysis of iMPlayer VS Tivimate

Both iMPlayer VS Tivimate are available on Amazon Firestick devices, and almost all of the features fit the user’s needs, making it easy for the public to always choose what or who updates their app first. Let’s try to compare them in terms of their features as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

iMPlayer VS Tivimate

The two best IPTV Player shows are always in technical head-to-head. They are both two separate apps and both iMPlayer VS Tivimate provide some of the best quality viewings when playing IPTV links. So what’s the real difference between these two applications?

Version typesTwo versions: Free and Premium
the premium version of TiviMate supports multiple playlists.
Two versions: Free and Premium
The advanced version provides recording and supports multiple playlists.
Compatible devicesSupports Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android device.Android phones, Android TVs, Android tablets, Android TV boxes as well as Firestick and Nvidia Shield.
Advantage1. Supports Xtream Codes API, Stalker Portal, and M3U Playlist.
2. It is designed for the TV so using it is a lot easier.
3. Simple and easy-to-use user interface with modern design.
4. Provides Electronic Program Guide for 14 days.
5. External player support for VODs, and Live Channels separately.
6. Search between channels or currently Airing Programs.
7. Offers multiple playlist support features (for the premium version).
8. User can save their favorite TV channels.
9. Provides launch to play any channel you set on the app.
1. Multiple playlists are supported
2. Supports MU, XML, TV, and EPG URL.
3. Allows you to generate links through the XC portal, use the XC portal login API and walker/MAG portal, and log in to the XC portal using the HLS (M3U8) format.
4. Displays the time and date
5. Play SD-HD quality at Internet speed.
6. Allows you to record playback video.
7. With parental control.
8. Display channel and program type for easy channel selection.
9. Customizable buttons and playback options
Disadvantage1. No multiple playlist options for free users.
2. EPG doesn’t update automatically in the free version.
3. It is not available in the Amazon App Store yet.
1. Multiple playlists are not supported in the free version.
2. The free version does not have the rewind feature.
APP Download linkTivimate apkiMPlayer apk

Analysis and comment

According to the information in the table above, we can make a comprehensive comparison and analysis, so that users can more intuitively see the similarities and differences between iMPlayer VS Tivimate.

Same Points

The main similarities are

  1. Both support multiple playlists.
  2. Both support M3U URL or Xtreme code API for viewing IPTV applications.
  3. And other basic user needs.

Different Points

The main differences are

  1. Tivimate has an easy-to-use user interface with a modern design.
  2. Tivimate can search for channels or current programs.
  3. iMPlayer supports recording and rewinding
  4. iMPlayer allows recording and playing video
  5. And other different functional features

so if you are an advanced user, you can choose according to your needs. If you want to use DVR features, you can choose the iMPlayer player.

How to install IPTV players on Amazon Firestick?

As we mentioned above, neither Tivimate nor iMPlayer is yet available in the Amazon App Store, so you’ll need to use other apps to complete the download. Here’s a quick setup.

Step 1: Turn on the Allow unknown Sources button on the device.

Step 2: Download and install ” Downloader“.


Step 3: After installation, Enter in the Downloader search bar Tivimate: https://www.otviptv.com/tivimate/ or iMPlayer: https://www.otviptv.com/implayer/.


Step 5: Once the download is complete, open the IPTV application.

Step 6: Click “Add New User”, then select “Xtream Code API or M3U file”.

Step 7: After adding, start and enjoy streaming content.

Note: The IPTV player does not provide any IPTV content, you must subscribe to your IPTV plan, and get an M3U file from the IPTV subscription or Xtream Code user and password, which allows you to add IPTV channels to the list in order to transmit the streaming service.

Video Tutorial – Install IPTV players

Best IPTV Subscription for IPTV Player 2022

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Is iMPlayer free to use?

iMplayer is free to download and use with your IPTV subscription, but you can also purchase the premium edition to unlock other features such as VOD, recording, catch-up, advanced Settings, and more.

Do iMplayer and Tivimate offer IPTV streaming services?

They are not IPTV services and do not offer any live TV or VOD content or services. Just a media player suitable for playing M3U files.

Is TiviMate completely secure?

TiviMate is secure Android software that uses innovative security algorithms to protect your information. The application uses an advanced digital payment system to provide complete security when updating your subscription.

What is better than TiviMate?

OTT Navigator is the biggest IPTV rival to TiviMate on the Android TV platform. Like TiviMate, it is popular among power users.

How do I get a TiviMate premium?

To get TiviMate Premium, you will have to use an Android device to install the TiviMate Companion app from the Google Play Store. Then, you can unlock TiviMate Premium by purchasing a subscription through the TiviMate Companion app. The payment options include credit and debit cards.

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