install NET IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

Manual for installing and configuring NET IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

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Thanks to this guide, you will be able to check how easy and simple it is to download, install and configure the NET IPTV App for your Samsung Smart TV.

The IPTV list of TV channels has an increasing number of users, so there is a wide variety of applications to play these m3u files on smart TVs.

One of these applications for m3u channel listings is Net IPTV, which can be used on Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, or Android TVs, and most importantly it is very easy to use and avoids complicated configurations.

Its operation is very similar to that of other m3u playlist players, but it never hurts to dig deeper into this application and find out how to use it properly.

If you want to install Net IPTV and know how to make the most of this application to play m3u files, please continue reading this manual.

installing NET IPTV on Samsung Smart TVs

Video Tutorial – How to install the NET IPTV app on Samsung Smart Tv

The following video tutorial shows how to install NET IPTV on a Samsung smart TV.

Download NET IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

The app is available in the Samsung Smart TV App Store, so you can simply search for and install the app from your TV.

If for some reason you can’t install it, the app doesn’t appear or you have other problems, you can also install it from the USB.

Download: Download NET IPTV from its official website to your computer from this link.

Download NET IPTV

Unzip: You must unzip the file you downloaded to get the folder named use widget.

Paste: Copy and paste the user widget folder to a FAT32 formatted USB drive. This folder must be unique to the USB.

Connect: With the Smart TV off, plug the USB into one of the TV readers and turn the device on.

Install: Wait a few seconds until the Smart TV detects the USB and begins to install. A notification will appear in the upper right corner of the screen and you can find the application in the Samsung App Store under Installed Applications.

The application is free for 7 days, so you can try it out without any restrictions. After 7 days of testing, the app needs to be activated for 2 years for €5.79 or a lifetime for €13.79.

The MAC of the device is taken into account when performing the activation, so please make sure to activate the correct MAC, as you will have one MAC if you connect your Smart TV via WiFi and a different MAC if you connect via Ethernet cable.

Upload M3U IPTV list to NET IPTV

Net IPTV only accepts links to m3u channel lists, which means that you cannot upload m3u files as you can in applications such as Smart IPTV.

Add links to your IPTV list from the Net IPTV website by filling in the necessary fields.

For Samsung Smart TV models 2016 and earlier, m3u listings over 30 Mb will be used, requiring the installation of version S-2.4.1 from USB

  • Upload: Access the NET IPTV Website to add a link to your m3u list to the app.
  • MAC address: Write the MAC of your device in the MAC / App ID of Upload M3U.
  • Add List: Click on the Add List button to identify your device.
  • Add List: Paste the URL of your IPTV list into the Upload M3U field.
  • Add: Click the Add All Lists button to upload your link.
  • List: You can upload up to 4 linked channel m3u files. You will see how the button changes from green to yellow, which means you already have a list in the space and you can edit it as needed.

Restart Net IPTV on your device so that the uploaded m3u list will appear in the application and you will be able to start using it.

Using NET IPTV on Smart TVs

If there’s one thing about the NET IPTV app, it’s that you don’t need to configure anything to play IPTV TV channels, it only has a few browsing and playback options.

Channel Groups

If you have added a list of channels to Net IPTV divided into groups, you will see a series of tabs at the top of the screen for each group.

Color Keys

Different colored keys have their own functions in Net IPTV.

When you press the red button on the remote control, the application will display the MAC address your TV is using at the time on the screen.

Using the green button, you can add or remove channels from the Favorites list, and using the yellow button, you can block the channels you want using a secure password.

Finally, you have quick access buttons, such as the D button for showing all the lists you have uploaded or the 0 button that will reload the application to show possible changes.

Switching between channel lists

Net IPTV allows you to add up to 4 links to m3u files and use the D key to move from one list to another.

Press the D button to display a shortcut to switch between the list of 4 IPTV channels you have added. Simply press the corresponding number on the controller.

This is how Net IPTV works, a simple and useful application for watching IPTV channels on Smart TVs and other devices such as Android TV or Amazon Fire TV.

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Do you have to pay for IPTV?

IPTV services provide you access to multiple TV channels using your internet connection. Some of the services are free while others will charge a monthly subscription fee. IPTV services are typically cheaper than high-priced cable subscriptions.

Is IPTV illegal?

Regulated IPTV services like Start TV, adhere to broadcasting laws and are completely safe and legal. Unfortunately, with the explosion of legitimate internet-based TV services and streaming options over the last decade, there has also been a rise in black market TV services.

Do I need a Firestick if I have a Samsung smart TV?

While you don’t need Fire Stick if you have a smart TV, when compared to a standard smart TV, Fire Stick has more content options, an easier menu to navigate and manage, a better remote, faster and smoother load times, more frequent updates, and less garbage or “throwaway” apps!


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