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Perfect Player VS Tivimate | Updated Reviews 2022

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As modern technology shifts people from traditional cable and satellite TV to Internet-powered IPTV subscriptions, our streaming habits have changed. We no longer need to sit down for a scheduled broadcast, we can choose what we want to watch whenever and wherever we want.

At this point, we need IPTV players to deliver and play content, and there are a lot of IPTV players flooding the market, all of which offer some of the best quality viewings, including Perfect Player and Tivimate. Users don’t know what to choose. Don’t worry. Read on.

This guide will compare and analyze the two IPTV players, Perfect Player vs Tivimate so that you can understand all the relevant information about them more intuitively.

Perfect Player VS Tivimate

What is an IPTV player?

IPTV apps are a bit like Kodi; They are empty shells, unable to stream anything without user input. You are responsible for adding channels, playlists, and other sources. Therefore, they are perfectly legal.

Typically, you can’t use these apps to watch Netflix, Hulu, or content directly from other third-party providers. You need to get an M3U file and add it to the IPTV application.

How does the IPTV player work?

An IPTV player is any application or service that can play IPTV channels from your current IPTV subscription. Therefore, you buy an IPTV subscription from a provider and use an IPTV player to play channels. Most IPTV providers have their own applications or clients. You can install the application separately on supported devices.

Note: As mentioned above, if you use Perfect Player and Tivimate, you can watch live TV over the Web, provided you’ve created your own M3U or use a free IPTV account, or just purchased an M3U from a good IPTV subscription.

Comparative analysis of Perfect Player VS Tivimate

Both the Perfect Player vs Tivimate are available on Amazon Firestick devices, and almost all of the features fit the user’s needs, making it easy for the public to always choose what or who updates their app first. Let’s try to compare them in terms of their features as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

Perfect Player VS Tivimate

The two best IPTV Player shows are always in technical head-to-head. They are both two separate apps and both Perfect Player vs Tivimate provide some of the best quality viewings when playing IPTV links. So what’s the real difference between these two applications?

NameTivimatePerfect Player
Version typesTwo versions: Free and Premium
the premium version of TiviMate supports multiple playlists.
Two versions: free and paid
The paid version removes unnecessary ads and gets extra space on the EPG.
Compatible devicesSupports Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and any Android device.Apps for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, or Android or iOS mobile devices
Advantage1. Supports Xtream Codes API, Stalker Portal, and M3U Playlist.
2. It is designed for the TV so using it is a lot easier.
3. Simple and easy-to-use user interface with modern design.
4. Provides Electronic Program Guide for 14 days.
5. External player support for VODs, and Live Channels separately.
6. Search between channels or currently Airing Programs.
7. Offers multiple playlist support features (for the premium version).
8. User can save their favorite TV channels.
9. Provides launch to play any channel you set on the app.
1. Various features of Perfect player are completely free.
2. You can use multiple accounts with this application.
3. Supports M3U, XC, and XSPF for playlist URL.
4. It has an option to upload an external TV Guide.
5. This app automatically downloads EPG from the provider.
6. PiP mode is added to watch TV while surfing channels.
7. It also supports multiple languages.
8. Comes with the DVR to record your favorite channels.
9. This app is also available for Windows and Linux.
Disadvantage1. No multiple playlist options for free users.
2. EPG doesn’t update automatically in the free version.
3. It is not available in the Amazon App Store yet.
1. Doesn’t offer the Xtream Codes API login method.
2. The User-interface is outdated and confusing.
3. There is no parental control even in the paid version.
4. The app is not available in the Store so sideloading is the only option.
APP Download linkTivimate apkPerfect Player apk

Analysis and comment

According to the information in the table above, we can make a comprehensive comparison and analysis, so that users can more intuitively see the similarities and differences between Perfect Player VS Tivimate.

Same Points

The main similarities are:

  1. Both offer high-quality video viewing
  2. Both support M3U file lists
  3. And other basic IPTV service content

Different Points

The main differences are

  1. TiviMate has a more user-friendly interface
  2. TiviMate provides playlists of Xtream Codes API
  3. TiviMate provides multiple playlist support features
  4. Perfect Player can use multiple accounts
  5. Perfect Player provides an option to upload external guides
  6. Perfect Player can DVR record channels

so if you are an advanced user, you can choose according to your needs. If you want to use DVR features, you can choose the Perfect Player player.

Tivimate Review

  1. This app is awesome. I’ve been testing it for weeks. It is the most elegant, feature-rich, and stable IPTV player (V2.1.5 on Nvidia Shield). TiviMate + Stable supplier = GOLD.
  2. This is the application that looks and acts the closest you’ll find today. You can use multiple IPTV services as well as VODs at the same time.
  3. Probably the best IPTV player available. Allows multiple EPG sources and is very configurable. The only thing it currently lacks is the ability to route its traffic through VPN services. I hope they are added to the next update.
  4. It was perfect. Perfect visual effects, excellent user experience, and features thanks to the author.

How to install IPTV players on Amazon Firestick?

As we mentioned above, neither Tivimate nor Perfect Player is yet available in the Amazon App Store, so you’ll need to use other apps to complete the download. Here’s a quick setup.

Step 1: Turn on the Allow unknown Sources button on the device.

Step 2: Download and install ” Downloader“.


Step 3: After installation, Enter in the Downloader search bar Tivimate: https://www.otviptv.com/tivimate/ or Perfect Player: https://www.otviptv.com/pp/.


Step 5: Once the download is complete, open the IPTV application.

Step 6: Click “Add New User”, then select “Xtream Code API or M3U file”.

Step 7: After adding, start and enjoy streaming content.

Note: The IPTV player does not provide any IPTV content, you must subscribe to your IPTV plan, and get an M3U file from the IPTV provider or Xtream Code user and password, which allows you to add IPTV channels to the list in order to transmit the streaming service.

Get one of the best IPTV subscriptions available on Perfect Player and TiviMate.

Video Tutorial – How to install Perfect Player on FireStick

Perfect Player is no longer available in the Amazon App store. You may install this app by using the Downloader app.

Best IPTV subscription – How to get M3U links & Xtream Codes

OTV IPTV is currently recognized as one of the best IPTV subscriptions, and the following will show you a simple tutorial guide on how to get OTV IPTV.

1- On your device, open the search bar and type in the URL for OTV IPTV: https://www.otviptv.com/.

2- Click the IPTV Free Trial button to try IPTV for free by chatting with OTV customer Service on WhatsApp.

OTV IPTV free trial

3- Reply to customer service and let them know the type of device you are using, the country you are testing, and the playlist format you have chosen, such as Tivimate, Firestick, UK IPTV, M3U Link, or Xtream Codes.

4- Finally, the customer service will timely open the IPTV free trial test code for you. M3u URL or Xtream Codes delivered to your email inbox. Note that activating the IPTV list using the IPTV player is a necessary step.


Is TiviMate completely secure?

TiviMate is secure Android software that uses innovative security algorithms to protect your information. The application uses an advanced digital payment system to provide complete security when updating your subscription.

Is Perfect Player free?

Yes, Perfect Player can be downloaded and used for free, but it does not offer streaming services and IPTV subscriptions by itself, so you need to choose a quality IPTV provider for your taste.

Can Perfect Player be installed on Google Play?

Perfect Player has been removed from Google Play, if you want to install the app on your device, please read this guide and you will find what you are looking for.

Tivimate and Perfect Player is an IPTV service?

No, they’re just an IPTV player that can play any type of IPTV service on your device.

How do I add channels to the perfect player?

If you have an EPG URL, click EPG (URL or file path) and enter that information, then click OK again. Now click the back button until you are back to the Perfect Player main control panel. You should see a message that says “updating.” Wait a few seconds for your channel menu to load in Perfect Player.

What’s better than TiviMate?

OTT Navigator is the biggest IPTV rival to TiviMate on the Android TV platform. Like TiviMate, it is popular among power users.

How to install Perfect Player and set up IPTV?

How to install and set up the TiviMate IPTV Player App?

Top 10 + Alternatives to Perfect Player [In June 2022]

Top 10 + Alternatives to TiviMate [In June 2022]

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